Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Unlikely Squiggle!

Unlikely Squiggle is the brainchild/walkabout/callingcard of LT Cooper, former AngeLingo editor and now post-production mac-for-hire, urbane observer, ramen expert.

Here you will find vlogs that will caffeinate you, dress you up at a con, fondle a kitted-up, 15" MacBook Pro and tour an herb garden. You'll learn how to read Kanji in just 3 months and why the microchipped ricemaker is worth the cash. In this video, the first vlog on Squiggle, Leigh counts vanity plates in one N.Virginia parking lot:

Terrific, no?

News bulletin: my son dashes in to tell me he's found a rattlesnake! Actually a garter snake, charcoal gray with a vivid orange stripe down the back and a disposition like a sloth. Around W, mellowness might kill u. This is the time to be an unlikely squiggler.