Sunday, September 12, 2010

Iraq War Entries in Wikipedia

Hello Friends,

Two things caught my eye this evening. The first, from the Institute for the Future of the Book, is James Bridle's graphical representation of how many edits to Wikipedia's Iraq War entry have been made in five years: a "total of 12,000 changes and 9,000 pages" from Dec. 04-Nov. 09.

This deft image allows the viewer to gauge instantly the sheer heft of edits, but it also lends itself to deeper analysis, which Bridle does here.

He notes:
"It’s not only a resource for collating all human knowledge, but a framework for understanding how that knowledge came to be and to be understood; what was allowed to stand and what was not; what we agree on, and what we cannot. As is my wont, I made a book to illustrate this. Physical objects are useful props in debates like this: immediately illustrative, and useful to hang an argument and peoples’ attention on."

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